Sunday, March 8, 2009


We took Sofia to see the Doodlebops in concert on Saturday...what a disappointment! The only thing good about it was Sofia is too young to realize how bad it really was. Firstly, the 'real' Doodlebops weren't even there to perform. If you're unfamiliar with their TV show the story always culminates in their live concert. Which begs the question, if they're not at the concert, what else are they doing with their time? Further to that, the backup dancers spent more time on the stage than the {not} real Doodlebops. Secondly, they played for a grand total of about 45 minutes, with a 25 minute intermission. 25 minutes for a two year old is an eternity! Sofia kept saying, "Mommy, where the Doodlebops? Go open the curtain." Thirdly, they were charging $10 for a dollar store-esque light stick and $20 for a t-shirt or a doll. Thankfully, the tickets were given to us, because it certainly was not worth the price of admission. Sigh! All that being said Sofia did dance it up and seemed to enjoy herself for the most part. I guess the disappointment was mostly mommy's. We drowned our sorrows in McDonalds fries afterwards.

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TraceyT said...

I feel your pain. it really was a total rip off.