Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I just don't feel like scrapping (GASP!}

I have been absolutely un-creative for a looong time. I'm not sure what the problems is?? I've gotten new goodies, I've developed new pictures- nothing. I even had a hard time designing an ad today, because I just could not think of anything interesting. That will have to change, or next week in newspapers across New Brunswick you'll see blank space brought to you by Sounds Fantastic. Whoa is me. :) Here's proof I did scrap once upon a time. I did this layout at the Paws crop a few weeks ago.


beth said...

Jen, this is a fab layout! I think Scrapbook Trends would like this one!

Amanda Winchester said...

Jenn, that LO is beautiful!! Even more gorgeous irl!! Hope you come out of your slump soon, I miss your LOs!!