Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hello! Hiatus???

So, turns out that life can quickly get in the way for updating ones blog. Wow! Things have been nuts. We embarked on some major home renovations about two months ago and smack dab in the middle of all the siding and saw dust, Brad was laid off. Yeah. Not nice. Luckily, he was given a small 'package' and has found a new job that he will start at the end of this month, but it was a little tense around here for awhile. I still don't think I will totally relax until I see that first paycheck clear the bank. Also, during this same period of time Sofia started a new daycare and unfortunately the transition wasn't as smooth as I hoped. Extreme mother guilt! She was very happy where she was and was receiving extremely great care, but I 'thought' it would be good to expose her to a daycare environment vs. home care as pre-school will be coming along soon enough. And there were also some selfish reasons (insert mother guilt here) the YMCA is 3 minutes from our house and about 7 minutes from my office vs. the 45 minute drive morning and night to the sitter...that's a lot of time and money in the run of a week! So when a spot became available for her at the Y, we took it honestly thinking she would enjoy it. Day one, no problems. Day two..."Mommy, I no want to go to the Y.", followed by tears. Now her teachers assure me the fussing stops when we leave the room and by all accounts she has a great time while she's there, but every morning she says she doesn't want to go. What makes it worse is she never once cried when we left her at the sitter, not even day one. Ohhhhh, the guilt. Every day is getting better though...except for last week when one of her friends bit her. Sofia and I had a talk about it and I explained to her that biting wasn't a nice things to do, and so on. Yesterday at breakfast she proclaims, "Mommy, I bite my crackers, not my friends." I think I am raising a stand up comedian!

Wow! Way to pour it all out in the first post back! On to scrappy stuff. I have nothing to share myself as I haven't scrapped in months (please see ramblings above). However, I'm going to send out a little toot toot to my Mommy, who won the Mystery Page Kit Contest at her LSS. This is the second time in three entries. This picture of Sofia is one of my favorites! It used to be so easy to take her picture. Now she just doesn't stand still.


Cin Cin said...

Wow Girlie! Sorry things have been so rough for you! I am glad that things are getting a little less tense. Hopefully, you de-stress, get your mojo back ASAP. And if not, have a glass of wine. LOL!

Amanda Winchester said...

Wow, you've had quite a time! Hope things are settling down now! Glad to see you blogging again...I've missed you :)

TraceyT said...

I had NO idea things have been so rough for you all lately. I'm so sorry. Hopefully you are officially past the worst and have nothing but a low key summer ahead.


Congrats again to your Mom!! What an adorable photo and page.