Thursday, June 18, 2009

Let's Capture Our Memories.

Well, come on...let's. There's a fantastic new scrapbooking site that you need to check out:
LCOM was started by my scrappy friend Tanya and it's so cool, you'll even find her DH hanging out there every now and again. The forum is full of the sweetest and most talented ladies (and of course, the aforementioned gentleman). There is never any shortage of creativity and conversation. I was thrilled when Tanya asked for my help in designing the header for her forum and blogs...and I am even working on a main splash page... not quite finished yet. My background is in print design, so it's fun (and challenging) to dabble in the web. Go on over and have a look, I know you'll love it!

I even have a few scrappy shares thanks to the card challenges hosted by Darlene over at {gasp!} Darlene creates the most amazing cards and it's easy to be inspired by her work. So, here are a couple of cards based on her sketches:

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Cin Cin said...

WHY don't you like to do cards?? My Jaw is on the FLOOR!! GORGEOUS, Girlie!!