Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Join the scrapjack @ LCOM!

Scrapjack is actually a combination of the words hijack and scraplift. Basically, everyone lifts the same LO at the same time and all the LOs are revealed at once. Fun stuff!

hosted our first scrapjack at LCOM and we all lifted a LO by Danielle Flanders. Here is my finished product:

This challenge finally got me out of my scrappy rut. As you can see I liked the LO so much I decided to use part of it for my blog header.

So, this time around I am hosting the scrapjack...details can be found here. And here's the LO will be be 'jacking':

It's a LO by one of my scrappy crushes Elizabeth Kartchner. You should join us!


Cin Cin said...

FABULOUS idea using that LO as a blog header! LOVE that pic of S-the LO is gorgeous! Glad MO & JO came back to visit you!!

TraceyT said...

I LOVE what you did with your scrap jack and the new one you chose is absolutely AMAZING!!!

Blog looks FAB, btw.

Tanya said...

Love your layouts girl! So glad to see your mojo in full swing! Your blog is looking FAB!

Amanda Winchester said...

Loving the new blog look!! Great layout to jack!