Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Let the Christmas crafting begin.

So I promised myself that this year I would not leave my Christmas gift craft projects until December. This year I will complete everything well in advance of 'deadline'. Sigh!

I started strong, whipping up this little number for Sofia to give her great grandmother:

I was so pleased with self. I thought this is going to be e-a-s-y. And then October flew by. Sigh x 2! And now it's November...time to get serious. Tonight I whipped up a super simple calendar that Sofia is going to give to each of her grandfathers and also to her 'honorary' aunt. Fortunately (???) none of them read my blog, so I'm not ruining the surprise. I totally took the lazy way out and bought a digital calendar kit. So worth the $3:

I still need to make mini albums in a tin for each grandmother, a bookmark (maybe??) for her other great grandmother and something for daddy...I'm thinking a coffee sleeve mini album as an ode to his obsession with caffeine.

I have 19 days left...


Bella said...

You can do it! Good luck hun!!:)

Amanda Winchester said...

I love that little frame and the calendar is sweet! Good luck getting it done!