Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fake smiles and toe fuzz.

Sofia really doesn't like to wear socks. I really don't like to wear socks either so I can't blame her. About a month ago Sofia pulled off her socks and I pointed out the fuzz between her toes. And so, the obsession with 'toe fuzz' began. She pulls off her socks every night at the supper table and checks for toe fuzz. We had friends over recently and Gloria feared Sofia might break a toe because she pulls them so far apart to check for the fuzz. So, being the scrap-obsessed mom that I am, I figured I needed to take some pictures of her checking out said fuzz. 'Cause toe fuzz is of course the perfect subject to scrap! I got some good shots, however when I asked her to look at me and smile, this is what I got:

Okay, that ladies and gentleman is a fake smile if I have ever seen one!


Tina said...

LOL!!!! That is hilarious! And I just love that pic!! :)

Cin Cin said...

OMG!! That pic is a SCREAM!! Connor went through a 'fuzz' stage too. Thank goodness he is over it now. He has decided that toe-nail biting is MORE fun (Yeah I said it-GROSS, huh??!) I feel like a TOTAL Loser! I forgot and/or never knew you had a blog. Adding you to my faves!!!