Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Feshering poop and other random tidbits...

It's the first spring-y Saturday of 2009 and the DiPaolo family is enjoying a little fresh air out in the yard. Sofia is scampering about, not at all concerned with Mommy and Daddy until...

Jenn to Brad: "Why is there a bag of festering poop sitting on the snowbank" (referring to the bag of dog poop that has been revealed by the melting snow)

Brad to Jenn: ??? Brad's response is drowned out by...

Sofia: "Ooooohhhh feshering poop, feshering poop....ooooohhhh Rocky, feshering poooooop!

Fast forward 4 days later.

Sofia to Daddy: "Daddy, why you leave feshering poop? Feshering poop. Feshing pooooooop..."

Hmmmm...what is it they say about little people having big ears?

She was innocent at one time:My mom rocked this layout for a contest at her LSS: Bright Ideas Scrapbooking & Stuff. The challenge was to create a layout using at least part of each of the items in the kit. I love how she created the flowers.

If you read my earlier post in regards to The Doodlebops you know it didn't quite live up to expectations. Well, we're trying it again with Dorothy the Dinosaur:She's coming to the Imperial Theatre in Saint John on April 14th. Let's hope she and Wags don't let us down. Sofia is a HUGE Dorothy the point that the only word she can spell is D-O-R-O-T-H-Y. I'm not sure that's a good thing!?


TraceyT said...

That page is AWESOME! Kudos to your Mom.

Good luck at the Dinosaur show. I still haven't recovered from the Bops yet.! LOL

Amanda Winchester said...

OMGosh...feshering poop!! Love it!! Haha :) That LO rocks...tell your mom I said so! Those flowers are sweet.

Have fun at the concert!!

Tanya said...

feshering poop... oh yes they retain some things soooo well dont they!

Your Mom's layout is beautiful!